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Wild Birds shooting - Entre Rios

Los Ombues is the only hunting Lodge in the country where you can shoot Ducks, Perdiz and high volume Doves in the same area without leaving the Lodge. The Lodge is located 250 miles northwest of the city of Buenos Aires, in the Province of Entre Rios. The property covers 40.000 acres and consists of rolling hills with extensive pastures and agricultural land next to one of the largest marsh areas in Argentina. There are several roosts in over 2,000 acres of natural brush, with a total population in excess of thirty million eared Doves regularly flying to feed in the open fields. During the year we offer different hunting options and combos.

High Volume Dove shooting

There is no season or limit for Dove hunting in Argentina. As doves are considered a serious threat for crops and local farmers welcome hunters. Shooting is excellent all year round. Each day affords six to seven hours of good, steady shooting. An average of 3 cases of shells per day per shooter is the daily norm, even though shooting is superb all year round, records show mid-September through early April has produced the best shooting. During our spring, Doves concentrate in huge numbers when farmers begin harvesting the winter wheat, but there is plenty of food for the Doves even during our winter months.

Duck shooting

At Los Ombues you find a variety of Ducks that are very different than those found in the Northern hemisphere, including the White Chek Pintail, Silver Teal, Ringed Teal, Red Shoveler, Cinnamon Teal, Southern Widgeon, Brazilian Duck, Speckled Teal, Tree Ducks and the sporty Rosy Billed Pochard. Duck shooting is done in blinds over decoys with the assistance of pick-up boys who will call and pick-up the birds. Entre Rios Province has the highest Duck limit in the country which is 20 Ducks per hunter per day.

Partrigde shooting

The Partridge or Perdiz hunting is done as a supplement to Duck and Dove shooting in May, June, July and August. This fast flushing bird is hunted over fine pointing dogs on rolling hills in the beautiful countryside. Every year before the season start a dog trainer comes from Texas to tune up our dogs. You will shoot the legal limit of Perdiz which is seven per person per day.

During the hunt every guest is assisted by a bird-boy who picks up and counts shot Doves, calls and picks up Ducks in the blinds or handles pointer dogs for Partridge shooting. For convenience and safety, every car, boat and guide are equipped with VHF two-way radio systems for permanent communication with the Lodge. At Los Ombues we have over 50 brand shotguns for rent, including Beretta, Benelli, Browning and Winchester, side by side, over & under and auto loaders, ranging from 410 to 12 gauges.

The Lodge

The Lodge includes nine spacious double rooms with private bathrooms, a heated mudroom for removing and drying boots, waders, and clothing, a gun cleaning room, a large dining room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a large living room with comfortable chairs and sofas around a fire place. Mounted ducks and hunting scene paintings decorate the walls and creating a highly enjoyable relaxing atmosphere. The lounge and dining room look out across an endless expanse of the delta marsh. The panoramic windows provide an extensive view including at least half a dozen blinds scattered just off the lodge grounds.

We will arrange tailor made trips regarding your vision. Please ask for a non-binding proposal.


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Los Ombues 40.000 acres

Best for
Dove, Duck, Partridge

Hunting season
All year for Doves, May - August for Partridge & Duck

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