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Driven Red Legged Partridge shooting - Spain

Castillo Ventosilla welcomes you to the most luxury and best Partridge shooting in Spain

The Castillo Ventosilla - Toledo

Ventosilla is one of the most traditional and authentic hunting estates in Spain. It is also one of the most famous places for shooting high flying Partridge in Spain. In 1880 the first driven partridge shooting in Spain took place at "Ventosilla", organized by the Duke of Santoña with HRM King Alfonso XII. This tradition was continued by the Count of Teba, grandfather to the current owners. The Count was a world renowned shot and holder of various shooting records and a world title. Inspired by the heritage of their ancestors and their commitment to the sport and the state, the family has decided to maintain the historic past of this extraordinary property by keeping all these traditions intact.

The setting of the estate is incomparable for partridge shooting. The estate is located on the banks of the River Tajo and Lake Castrejon in the geographical center of Spain, close to the Imperial city of Toledo. The marshy border of the lake and the river provide a beautiful landscape and excellent habitat for game, and gives a perfect spot for the best partridge shooting in Spain. The partridges are flushed off high hills to produce some stunning bird flights. The changing terrain and topography are by themselves, able to offer a great variety of drives ensuring top quality days of partridge shooting. Actually they offer more than 50 different drives.

The Shoot

Guests meet for breakfast at 9:00h, and then leave the estate home for shooting. We start with three drives, after which we have a break for the "Taco" (picnic) that depending on weather conditions, we have at the borders of Lake Castejon, or in the shooting lodge positioned at the top of a hill, from which you have magnificent views of the estate. After the "Taco" we have another two drives, and we are off for afternoon tea and to get ready for drinks and a formal dinner. Dinner is served in the dining room before resuming the afternoon drives. If guests require a different program we can tailor the schedule to fit our guests` requirements. We guarantee you will have unforgettable memories of your stay with us.

The Palace

The Palace of Ventosilla is unique. You cannot find any other place which is comparable, all around the countryside in Spain. It was built in the XV Century as a hunting pavilion for the wealthy and powerful cardinals of Toledo. The gardens of the palace were designed by French landscaper, Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier at the end of the XIX Century.

The palace has been enlarged and improved by the succeeding generations of the Teba family and at present you will find a place with all the warmth and taste of the past but with all the convenience of today. The palace offers 10 luxury suites. The flavor and atmosphere of historic shooting is spread by the entire house and this makes a unique ambience. Personal servants and keepers, attend hunters in the same way they have been doing for the Teba family for generations, in the old fashion style.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Ventosilla 7.000 ha

Best for

Hunting season
September - February

Luxury accommodation in the castle


Partridge Shooting

Palacio Ventosilla


What our guests say

"What a fantastic place. We had a great weekend with very good shoots, superb food and wine and a perfect service. Thank you very much to Antonio Cavero and his team for making these days unforgettable."

Marc G.