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The Pereiro Hunting Estate - the best Partridge shooting in Portugal

The Hunting Estate Pereiro

The Pereiro Hunting Estate, with approximately 7.500 hectares (18.500 acres) is located in the inland hills of the Algarve region, just 30 km away from the coast. This beautiful but harsh landscape has become more and more desert and wild due to the migration of its inhabitants to the city centres in search of a better life. Thanks to its hilly landscape, low annual rain fall precipitation and mild temperatures, availability of food and wide spread availability of water thanks to its 12km long river that crosses the property, this wild region is home to one of the best partridge country terrains in the Iberia Peninsula, allowing a much higher annual average of born chicks per couple of partridge than elsewhere.

The Shoot

The hunting season starts in October and goes on until January. During this time you can fully enjoy the views and magical sceneries that the Algarve Mountain Hills can offer you. From the magical winter flower display of the almond trees to the evergreen oak tree, small villages and landscape become one. Once in the estate, all that is needed in order to fully enjoy the shooting day will be provided and taken care. An enthusiastic and professional team of secretaries and loaders will assist you throughout the all day with maximum dedication and discretion. Once in the gate, loaders and secretaries will ensure that cartridges, loading facilities, guns, safety lateral screens and chairs are all set for you to fully enjoy each shooting drive. In this variety of landscape, it's possible to have more than 50 totally different drives to choose from, each one providing to the shooters a variety of different authentic scenarios and experiences which is one of the main features of this hunting property.

Thanks to these different possibilities of shooting scenarios one never finds the next drive repeating itself allowing the hunter a multitude of different experiences in which the partridge presents itself, some at high altitude or more close to the ground, others bursting into the gate, always finding ways to test the attention and speed of the hunter. The hunter will fully experience the strength, speed and wilderness of the real Iberian Partridge. Throughout the day a taco between the second and third drive will be given and seated lunch under the Algarve winter sun will be set after the last drive allowing one to fully enjoy the scenario of grasping the Atlantic ocean beaches after an incredible Wild Partridge Shooting Day.


Away from the crowds and bustle of the tourist centers of the Algarve coast, Alcoutim the small town near the hunting estate is a haven of tranquility located between the Serra do Caldeirão and the Guadiana River, a natural border with its neighbor Spain. The region keeps alive its handicrafts, extremely connected to the rural life, with pieces ranging from traditional wool blankets or of rags, to cane and wicker basketry, pottery, embroidery and lace, linen towels, floral arrangements in corn husks, jute dolls, among many others.

Hunting, pork and lamb meets together with river fish form the basis of a rich and varied cuisine, where it is also highlighted several tempting desserts that reflect the abundance of honey, figs and almonds in the Algarve. We offer different kinds of accommodation – from Designer Boutique Hotels near the beach to old countryside based Guesthouses – we will cater your needs and expectations. Let the excellent eating and drinking culture of Portugal take you by surprise!


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Pereiro 7.500 ha

Best for

Hunting season
September - January

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