Luxury Partridge shooting in Extremadura

Las Golondrinas - One of the best places for driven Red Legged Partridge Shooting in Spain

The Hunting Estate Las Golondrinas

Welcome to Las Golondrinas de Santa Cristina, a really magic place between Cáceres and Trujillo! Located on a hill of a spectacular property in the heart of Extremadura, it has a huge oak woodland, spectacular hills and rivers that has belonged to the Díaz de Bustamante family since the 14th Century. The more than 17,000 ha of unspoiled nature offer the perfect habitat for the red legged partridge. 

The Shoot 

The Estate offers traditional driven red legged partridge shooting with loader & secretario and double gunning. There are 75 different and challenging drives – some of them with very high birds. Here you can shoot any bag between 600 and 3000 birds per day with a team up to 12 guns. The high season is from February till end of March. But also Oktober and November are great months. There are many dates also for individual guns available.  

You can arrive by car (2,5 hours from Madrid, Seville or Lisbon) or by private plane. The Estate offers an airport for any size of planes, an 3.000 m concrete runway and customs and gun clearance.   

Beside of the shooting you can enjoy Monterias (driven big game: deer, wild boar and mouflon with hounds) or stalking all 4 different Ibex, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar in the best territories and hills – many clients combine 1 day of driven bird shooting and 1 day of Monteria. 

The Palacio 

The history of the Palace dates back to 1800, it´s an old, cloistered convent given to some nuns from Trujillo, who lived there for more than a century. The palace bears witness of that time, preserving a chapel that has been kept until today, although nowadays it is desacralized.

It has been meticulously renovated over 10 years, a process during which the historical and cultural values of the estate have been respected, but at the same time it has been equipped with all the modern conveniences. The result is a fantastic fully renewed house with 11 luxurious rooms, keeping the ambience and taste of a luxury shooting home.

Meals and wines are under a Cordon Blue supervision. You are guest of the owners Jacobo and Fernando Díaz de Bustamante and their wives, while 7 maids + 2 butlers make sure that you have an unforgettable stay. 

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Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Las Golondrinas 17.000 ha

Best for
Red Legged Partridge

Hunting season
October - March

Palacio Santa Cristina 


Palacio Santa Cristina

Partridge Shooting