Traditional Wild Bird Shooting in Argentina

Some of the best mixed bag Bird shooting in Argentina

Great Mixed Bag shooting - BA Province

Ituzaingó  is our prime Lodge for traditional mixed bird shooting in the old way. It´s not about huge numbers – it´s about tradition, heritage and hunting like Hemingway would have done it. My partners here have been hunters all their all-around Argentina and around the world and have been outfitting independently for many years. Now they have joined their efforts to provide hunters the unique experience of bird hunting in their area. You will hunt with them, the owners, not with employees…

You hunt in a typical Argentinian private cattle and crop ranch where “gauchos” (our cowboys), on horseback, look after cattle herds. Ituzaingó offers excellent hunting on birds but also on big game – the perfect place for an unforgettable hunting adventure. All Lodges here in the region are old “estancias” (ranches) owned by the same families through generations. There you will feel heritage and tradition.

The hunting area is located in the south eastern region of the Buenos Aires Province, near Mar del Plata and Balcarce. This is an area composed of extended “pampas” (plains), grasslands with plenty lagoons and ponds, the nearby Balcarce Hills and Mar del Plata is by the sea, so you have a variety of beautiful landscapes and hunting activities.

It’s easy to get from Buenos Aires; Mar del Plata is a big tourist city 400 km. away where you can travel by airplane, car, bus or train.

The Shooting

Here we are focused mainly, in a “mixed bag” hunt that consists in shooting ducks, perdiz (an indigenous species similar to partridges), doves and pigeons in the same journey. Clients will have the opportunity to shoot as much as they want on doves and pigeons (1000 -/ + shells a day per person ), and limited perdiz and ducks per day.

The Perdiz hunt is walking along grasslands with a guide and a trained hunting dog; the terrain is easy to walk. The Duck hunt is from water or dry blinds and also from boats. All lagoons and ponds are baited starting early before the hunting season. We hunt the Pigeons and Doves near crop fields where they feed or around their nesting or roosting areas. You will start Duck hunting early in the morning. Then, after a little rest having some tea or coffee and after the morning dew when the grass gets dry, you’ll walk with the dogs for Perdiz. After a nice lunch and a break you will hunt Pigeons & Doves. The Pigeon hunting in their flyways is perhaps one of the best in Argentina.

Beside of the great bird shooting you can also hunt Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Axis and Blackbuck – Just as for a combo package!!

The Lodge

The Ituzaingó Lodge offers 6 cozy and comfortable double rooms. A huge living room with chimney and a dining room. Enjoy the great meat and wine of Argentina during a set menu or the famous BBQ in the field!

Contact us for a tailormade offer.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area

Best for
Dove, Duck, Partridge

Hunting season
All year for Doves, May - August for Partridge & Duck

Luxury Hunting Lodge in the area


The Ituzaingó Lodge