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Geese shooting Iceland

These two premium areas offer some of the best Geese shooting on the Island

The Geese Hunting Areas

Iceland is a major breeding and stopover territory for several species of Geese, including the Grey Lag, Pink Foot and Barnacle, and makes it to one of the premium destinations for Geese shooting in Europe. Our partner in Iceland, Lax-a, is offering the best corn fields on the south coast of Iceland at Gunnarsholt, and they have recently acquired prime shooting fields in the west coast at Melasveit. Both areas are right in the middle of the major territory of the Gray Lag and the Pink Foot Geese. Barnacle Geese that come from Greenland can be seen in big numbers as well but not as reliable as the Gray Lag and Pink Foot Geese.

This operation will guarantee you the highest expectation of Geese shooting. Well managed by highly professional guides that put all year around effort into it so you will succeed when you come and shoot with us. We are using underground blinds & decoys which are set up in the area from our experienced guides. There is also Duck shooting available on request. The season runs from 20th August (barnacle goose season begins on 1st September) until 20th November.

The Shoot

Shooting begins in the early morning period, starting one hour before sunrise with a possibility of midday shooting. We can arrange short sightseeing tours or fishing in the afternoon if requested. In the evening dinner is served and you can relax after a good day. There is no limited bag for Geese shooting in Iceland. We recommend 3-4 days of shooting.

The Lodge

The East Ranga Lodge in Gunnarsholt is comprised of 8 buildings, all combined with 1500sqm veranda, Jacuzzi and sauna. Guests are accommodated in tastefully furnished double rooms with a private bath. One main building houses the kitchen and spacious dining area where gourmet meals are served. The second main building houses a spacious living room with a full service bar. There are 18 double rooms with a private bathroom with a shower.

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Two areas, 1000 ha

Best for
Geese  Duck

Hunting season
August - November

Hunting Lodge near the area


Geese shooting Iceland

What our guests say

"We have been 4 guns and 3 days of shooting with a total bag of 384 geese. Fantastic guides, great accommodation, food and hospitality - thank you very much for everything."

Peter Simpson