World Class Geese & Rough Shooting- Sweden

In the South of Sweden we are offering some of the best and most exclusive Goose & Bird hunting in Europe

The Hunting Area

Sweden is one of the best destinations for high volume Geese shooting. What makes Sweden unique is the species of Geese that are available to be hunted and that we don´t have any bag limit. Every year we are having days over 200 Geese. Sweden is one of the few places where Barnacle Geese can be hunted in Europe! They are not resident Geese they are real migrant Canada’s. Other species of Geese which can be hunted are Greylags and Greater White Fronts which can make for a real mixed bag when it comes to morning lights. South Sweden is also the perfect place for an really exciting Rough Shooting on Partridge, Pheasant, Ducks and Hare.

The Shoot

The majority of the hunts are field hunts and take place over harvested fields, winter crops that have been planted and grass fields. Geese will be hunted in the early mornings over decoys on the fields where the hunters will be laying in layblinds or in hides in hedges. We shoot Canadian Geese, Gray Legged and Barnacle Geese. In the afternoon we are in the field Rough Shooting - This is a mixed hunt on Hungarian Partridges, Pheasants, Ducks and Hares. The hunt will also be a mix of pointing dogs, spaniels and small drives. An really great experience for the passionated bird hunter.

The Castle

Is an experience by itself. Hunters will be staying exclusively at a old castle that is situated in fantastic calm, beautiful surroundings framed by a lake. There are 7 double rooms in the castle with 6 bathrooms, a charming whisky room that is the perfect place to have the whisky after the hunt. A big dinning hall with a outdoor terrace. The meals that will be served are homemade with mainly products from the hunts. Come and enjoy the warm Swedish hospitality.


Hard Facts

Hunting Area
Different Areas

Best for
Geese, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck and Hare

Hunting season
August - December

Hunting Lodge


Geese shooting Sweden

What our guests say

"Three times over and always pleased."

Marc H.