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A true Gentlemans Experience in South Africa

Shooting one of the most challanging wild birds in Drakensberg Mountains - the Greywing Francolin

Traditional Upland Bird Shooting

Welcome to this unique & special bird shooting adventure in the heart of South Africa. With our partner Chris and his award winning Pointers, we deliver a traditional, old style Walked Up Shooting experience for the true upland hunting Gentleman. 

The Greywing Francolin

The glorious Greywing Francolin (Francolinus Africanus, Scleroptila africanus) is a medium sized Francolin most often found above 1800 metres, preferring the elevated and altitudinal living. It thrives in icy, cold, windy highland grasslands, or mountain grasslands and is one of the most challenging birds to shoot in South Africa. Coveys can vary drastically depending on the time of season, previous breeding successes, and even the given days weather. Expect anything from 4 birds to 20+ with the largest being 36 which is truly astounding! 

The Hunt

We have access to approximately 150 000 hectares of pristine, untouched, Greywing habitat in the Drakensberg Mountains, just outside South Lesotho. To retain the quality of the experience, a maximum of 4 hunters per party are allowed – non hunters are also welcome to join the guns. Each party will hunt for 3 days with 1 allocated rest day to recover from the hard hunting days. Legal bag limits are strictly adhered to, and generally not more than 20% of a covey is taken off. We ensure that no covey is hunted more than once a season. 

A relative amount of walking fitness is required, as the terrain can be hard going at times and the bigger coveys usually occupy the highest, most inaccessible areas.  

The area is also home to the southern mountain reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula). This is an interesting hunt on a really wild population. When hunting mountain reedbuck, be prepared to do some serious walking and climbing. They are called “mountain” reedbucks for a reason. They are living high in the rocks and mountains at altitudes between 4,500 to 6,000 feet high and they are extremely shy and nervous with fantastic vision. A rewarding trophy for many reasons… 

We also offer great fly fishing as an option. There is an opportunity for excellent wild trout and yellow fish fly fishing on estuaries surrounding the famous Bell River near Rhodes.

The Accommodation & The Dining

You will be privately accommodated in an original 19th century sandstone house. The Lodge is very spacious and can sleep a maximum of 7 people comfortably. It offers a large dining room and spacious lounge area for meals and downtime, a large sunroom /reading room for relaxing and breakfasts and a traditional farm style kitchen with coal stove for a truly rustic experience. You’ll even find the lodge decorated with historical artefacts and settlers antiques from the 1820’s, making this the perfect base for such a memorable adventure.

Hard work needs to be rewarded! You can expect gourmet meals for every sit-down meal, from a variety of slow cooked, to fine dining meals, including two five star ‘light meals’ high up in the Highlands for a break from the challenging walking. On these lighter meals, no detail or more importantly, nutrient is spared, despite being in the middle of nowhere – Champagne, wine, sloe Gin, single malts, are all on the menu to warm oneself from the strong winds and usually chilly weather. You will scarcely believe you are in the rugged mountains whilst you feast on oysters, fresh carpaccio, artisanal cheeses, matured prosciutto alongside many other imported ingredients like figs, dates and cherries.

The Ourano Challange

We call it the Drakensberg Mountain Macnab! Bagging a Trout, a Mountain Reedbuck and a Brace of Greywing within one day between dawn and dusk. It is a thrilling test of sporting skills (with a dash of luck thrown in) and not many have it accomplished yet…

Please ask for an individual offer -  A true classic wing shooting adventure awaits you…

Hard Facts

Hunting Area
About 150.000 ha

Best for
Greywing Francolin,Mountain Reedbuck, Trout

Hunting season
May to August

Luxury accommodation in private hunting Lodge